5-15-00: Updated 'Solving the Cycle'

Making Myosin Mutants: an Approach to Understanding the Little Bitty Motor that moves you

My webpage: the Lost Pages. Here's some stuff that I no longer support or that has been superseded by (what I hope are) superior versions. I just kept them in case any of the 7 people who use this site loved them dearly...

You Drive! Want to take command of the views? This page requires the Chime plug-in to be installed (it's easy; follow the link). Once set up, you can choose what parts of the motor to display, watch it rotate, pick the viewing angle, etc. Initially, loading the page will be slow, but after that YOUR computer does all the thinking, so it should move satisfactorily. Warning: there be frames here. If you're new to Chime tutorials, read this page first. NOTE: this page is in need of updating, but should still prove useful.

DataDungeon Tired of all this cheap talk? Visit the DataDungeon where (some of) the data underlying some of the models, claims and outright guesses found at this site hang out. Note: no raw data here, only stuff I have cooked to my own taste.Biochemical properties of G680V suppressors.

7 degrees of Mutant Makin' To solve the Myosin Puzzle, we're mapping out parts of the motors that do similar things. Our strategy is to start with a defective motor and determine how many ways there are to fix it. Each 'fix' generates a 'genetic interaction line'. The composite of these lines and other information contains clues to the Hidden Mysteries of myosin structure. To take a walk on the web of mutations, take this page.

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Bruce Patterson