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WhoDunIt: the Workers, the Writers, the Programs
This work is being carried out in Bruce Patterson's lab at the University of Arizona, Tucson's Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. The department is part of the U of A's BMCB graduate program.

Data Generation by:

Yuan Wu (all of the biochemical data shown as figures or referred to as "we" or "my lab"--ah, the joy of the Royal "We"!)

Mike Nejad (plasmid constructions, sequencing & expression clone generation)

LMSE at the UofA (Sequencing of ALL mutants, revertants, etc)

Erik Misner (genetic characterization of mutants E531Q, P536R, R562H and R562L)

Therence DeCorse (isolation of suppressors of W501L, Y494K, N483S, L453F)

Travis Dunckley (isolation of suppressors of N483S, cloning of same)

Brian Hartman (media guy '99 and hunter of mutants in the Lower Jaw)

Meghan Kreeger (generation of Critical Supplies)

Leonardo Mendoza (Substitute generator of supplies, mutagenizer of the CamShaft)

Jennifer McGilton (checker of the Quivering Chin Hypothesis via creation of substitutions at positions 489 and 535)

Ben White (checking the interaction between the 150 and 490 regions of myosin, generator of "see-saw" hypothesis)

Saul Nurok (cloner-in-training)

Andrea Celovsky (Maker of Alternative Assays)

Bruce Patterson ((Me) some of the genetics data and technique generation,webpage builder)

Vast quantities of HTML and appearance advice kindly provided by Denice Warren, who should nonetheless not be held responsible for aesthetic insults still present in these pages!

Fantastic on-line tutorial and tools for using Chime and Rasmol and generating pages using these tools from Eric Martz

HTML coding initially with PageSpinner ($25 shareware)
More recently using BBEdit
And anouncing the latest member of the team, Dreamweaver2.

Crystal structures (published) by Ivan Rayment's group at Madison, Wisconsin and their collaborators

Structure images generated by RasMol 2.6-ucb (FREE!) (NOTE: use RasMac or RasWin for generating scripts for RasMol or Chime; RasMol2.6-ucb had a bug in scripting last I checked) and SPDBViewer (FREE!)

3D rendering of SPDBViewer images by POV-Ray (FREE!)

You Drive! stuff presented by Chime, a viewer that lets folks design tutorials and is also....FREE!

Animations by GifBuilder (FREE!) and Totally Hip's WebPainter2.0

Image map creation by WWWArt ($19.95 commercial)

GIF creation and image massaging by Canvas 5.0 and Photoshop 4.0

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