Is it all Smoke and Mirrors? Truth be told, nobody's ever seen a myosin molecule. And absolutely nothing referred to in this page is the result of direct observation! So how is it that we claim to know what the motor looks like, what it's doing, and what the mutant derivatives are doing wrong? For a little insight into the ghost in the machine, visit this section...

Page of Mutant Hunting! Central to the approach and at the root of everything that goes on is mutant hunting. To find out how this is done and to get a brief introduction into relevant features of our experimental organism, Dictyostelium, check out the

PHYLOgenetics Ever since myosin was "invented" billions of years ago, the "blind watchmaker" (as Richard Dawkins terms natural selection), has been tinkering with the basic design incessantly. The (current) end product? A whole stableful of variations on the myosin motor theme. To learn how we hope to read the leaves on the Tree of Life, visit the PHYLOgenetics page (phylogenetics = evolutionary study of birth of species and relatedness)

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