General References on Mosquitoes
with particular focus on the desert southwest, especially Arizona

Web Page listing Arizona Mosquitoes

Monographs pertaining to desert southwest US mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes of California. 3rd edition. R M Bohart and R K Washino. University of California, Division of Agricultural Sciences, Publication number 4084. University of California, Berkeley, 1978.
  • Bionomics of mosquitoes in semi-arid urban areas. John LeRoy McDonald. Ph.D. dissertation. University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, 1974. 104 p.
Monographs on mosquitoes, not restricted to southwest US
  • Biology of Mosquitoes Alan Clements. Kluwer Academic. paperback due in 1993.
    There are 2 hardback volumes:
    Vol. 1. Development, Nutrition and Reproduction. Chapman & Hall, 1992.
    Vol. 2. Sensory, Reception, and Behavior. CAB International. 1999.
  • The Mosquito: Its life, activities, and impact on human affairs. Gillett, J.D., 1972. Doubleday & Company, Garden City, NY.
  • Malaria in the upper Mississippi Valley 1760-1900 Erwin Heinz Ackerknecht. The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1945. Series: Supplements to the bulletin of the history of medicine, No. 4. Editor: Henry E. Sigerist. 142 p.
  • Mosquito: the story of man's deadliest foe Andrew Spielman and Michael D'Antonio. Hyperion, NY, 2001.
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